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KIT Lab visit by TBU partner


On May 11, there was a staff exchange within our TwinVectorEU project, in this case, between TBU (Tomas Bata University, Czech Republic) and KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany). Thanks to Horizon Europe program under which our TwinVector project is funded researchers are provided with the opportunity to see different laboratories and research environments, and they could gain access to specialized equipment, and cutting-edge facilities. This exposure can significantly enhance the quality and impact of their research, leading to more robust and groundbreaking results.
Collaboration and networking are crucial in today’s interconnected scientific landscape. Through staff exchange and lab visits, our project researchers establish personal connections and build lasting partnerships with colleagues from partner institutions. These collaborations can extend beyond the TwinVector project duration and lead to further joint research initiatives.
We believe the project exploitation as a result may play an important role in fostering collaboration, promoting innovation, and strengthening the European research landscape in advancing knowledge, addressing societal challenges, and achieving the goals of the Horizon Europe program.

Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
Organizer: KIT/TBU