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TBU lab visit by VTT partners (shorter visit)


The TwinVECTOR staff exchange project meeting held on April 26, 2023, was a successful gathering of excellent researchers and collaborators in the field of energy storage. The meeting fostered knowledge exchange, collaboration, and networking opportunities between partners: visitors from VTT (Finland) and TBU (Czech Republic), acting as the host party.

Enhancing Collaboration through Diverse Expertise. The meeting started with a captivating team introduction and presentation session led by Professor Petr Saha, Professor Nabanita Saha, and Viera Pechancova, representing the Center of Polymer Systems. This segment aimed to acquaint the participants with the diverse expertise and backgrounds of the team members. Furthermore, by showcasing their contributions, the team fostered an atmosphere conducive to collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Exploring Cutting-Edge Facilities and Ongoing Research Professor Petr Saha, Professor Nabanita Saha, and Haojie Fei have guided our guests to the CPS laboratory. This exclusive tour provided an opportunity to explore the state-of-the-art facilities and ongoing research projects at CPS. In addition, the visit demonstrated CPS’s commitment to innovation and encouraged valuable discussions on emerging trends and technologies in solid-state batteries research.

Driving Collaborative Research Goals. Viera Pechancova, Haojie Fei, and Quoc Bao Le, representing CPS, engaged in a comprehensive discussion about various TwinVECTOR activities. The primary focus was on crucial initiatives such as the preparation of a webinar, planning the next workshop, and organizing researcher training at VTT. These activities play a pivotal role in advancing the collaborative research goals of the TwinVECTOR project, ensuring its future success and impact.

Location: Zlin, Czech Republic
Organizer: TBU/VTT