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TwinVECTOR consortium meeting


The latest consortium meeting of the TwinVECTOR project, held on April, 4, 2023, saw significant progress in various work packages and strategic planning. Hosted by the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) and attended by key representatives from partner organizations, the meeting aimed to foster collaboration and ensure the project’s success.
Work package presentations were a crucial part of the meeting, highlighting the responsibilities and personnel assigned to each work package. Deliverable review and approval processes were discussed.
The meeting’s agenda included detailed task planning and progress updates for each work package, ensuring a clear roadmap for future actions. Collaborative events such as staff exchanges, workshops, and webinars were scheduled, aimed at enhancing knowledge-sharing and fostering fruitful interactions among partners.The meeting concluded with plans for future events, and the next progress meeting scheduled.
The consortium meeting proved to be an essential milestone for the TwinVECTOR project, setting the stage for collaborative research, innovation, and progress in the field of battery technologies. With everyone on board and a clear plan in place, the consortium is well-positioned to achieve its ambitious goals in the coming months.

Location: Viena, Czech Republic